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Transforming our Runoff Problem
into a Sustainable Soiurce of Clean, Usable Water

CCS’ Groundbreaking Findings
See how this prioritized approach helps implement "smart" stormwater capture projects.

The Problem
Billions of gallons of stormwater and polluted runoff flow to our rivers, lakes, bays and ocean, while California’s water supplies are increasingly threatened.


CCS’ Solution - A Prioritized "Road Map":

  • Shows where – and in what order – to implement stormwater capture projects
  • Create “smart” parks, habitat and open space that naturally capture and clean runoff
  • Maximize water quality, water supply, conservation and community benefits

About CCS’ Green Solution Project

Solving Critical Water Quality Problems
Using Cutting-Edge Technology
Creating a Smart & Strategic Road Map

By using cutting-edge digital technology to integrate mapping, engineering, conservation and community needs,CCS’ Green Solution Project provides a strategic road map to designing "smart" green spaces, and overturns conventional assumptions about the limited role that green approaches can play in naturally cleaning up polluted runoff in already urbanized areas.

CCS’ Green Solution Project focuses on:
  • Smart, strategic conversion of existing public lands to green spaces
  • Using soils and plants to naturally capture and filter pollutants from runoff
  • Creating new parks, wildlife habitat, recreation and open space land in park-poor communities
  • Re-charging groundwater supplies
  • Improving water supplies by storing cleaned runoff for re-use

CCS is applying its Green Solution Project model in Southern California watersheds and in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The CCS Green Solution Team
The Community Conservation Solutions team includes state-of-the-art hydrology engineering and GIS digital mapping technology, provided by Psomas and GreenInfo Network. This expert team’s unique methodology quantifies the amount of land necessary for conversion or retrofit to Green Solution projects to meet water quality improvement goals, determines the opportunity public lands suitable for Green Solution projects, and integrates hydrology, water quality improvement, conservation and community needs to determine strategic Green Solution Project locations.

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Green Solution Project:




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Green Solution Projects improve water quality by using soil and plants to capture, filter and clean polluted runoff, while creating new “smart” parks, natural habitat, recreation and green open space


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