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We are problem solvers, and we don't believe in choosing between people and nature. Community Conservation Solutions (CCS) specializes in tackling the complex and challenging problems created when people and nature intersect.

Successful natural and human communities adapt to changing conditions.
So do we.

We adapt to each new challenge by tailoring our diverse range of skills, expertise and experience to each project's specific needs. We implement strategic and practical programs that realize far-reaching goals by:

  • Building diverse coalitions
  • Sustaining multi-year projects
  • Ensuring political viability
  • Conducting detailed scientific and technical analysis
  • Coordinating with public agencies and elected officials
  • Creating dynamic public information materials
  • Developing public and private funding

Our projects range from parks and beaches to wilderness and watersheds, and from recreational sites to mixed-use developments. We're successful because we're flexible and provide a diverse variety of services, including:

  • Communications
  • Site design
  • Strategic planning
  • Research and analysis
  • Community collaboration
  • Project direction and management
  • Scientific, technical and engineering expertise
  • Sustained leadership
  • Fundraising

About CCS

About CCS
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