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July, 2017

"Not Just a River” Panel at the Autry Museum of the American West in Griffith Park

On July 15th, Esther Feldman spoke at the Autry Museum of the American West’s "Not Just a River” panel. She was joined by Nancy Steele, Director of Conservation, Arroyos and Foothills Conservancy and Daniel Sharp Senior Civil Engineer, LA County Public Works

“A watershed is more than a river. In fact, the Los Angeles River Watershed covers more than 800 square miles and 43 cities. Over time, people have interacted with this watershed in many different ways, with resulting changes in one section influencing areas far downstream. Join a discussion on the effects of urban development on the larger ecosystem and options for the future, while considering the current national dialogue about who controls our water.”

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July, 2017

LA Drainage Goes Native by Ariel Rubissow Okamoto

"This summer, Feldman’s organization is piloting a new analytical tool that not only taps an untapped local water supply –the 969 miles of metropolitan storm drains in Los Angeles — but also has the metrics to earn carbon credits for doing so.'It’s very practical, you just stick your straw in the local water source rather than pumping it into the city from hundreds of miles away,' says Feldman. The local water can then be used to irrigate and vegetate the urban ecosystem, and to recharge groundwater."

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June, 2017- Press Coverage from Grand Opening of the Zev Yaroslavsky L.A. River Greenway Trail


Los Angeles Daily News
By Dana Bartholomew

Helen Giroux stopped — and stared stunned on Saturday — at a hand-crafted iron gate whose twisted forms looked like waters swirling in the nearby Los Angeles River. “What a beautiful gate,” exclaimed Giroux, a Studio City resident of 33 years. “The grandeur of open space is epitomized in that gate.”

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By Jason Goldman

"The overall plan was to do something that's not been done on the river," Community Conservation Solutions President Esther Feldman explains as she walks along the unpaved trail, "which is to use native plants not just as a landscaping tool, but to really recreate habitats that were here one hundred years ago." In other words, the goal was to restore habitats that would have existed alongside the river before it was channelized.

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KPCC - 89.3
By KPCC Staff

The Zev Yaroslavsky L.A. River Greenway Trail runs for approximately half-a-mile from Coldwater Canyon to Whitsett Ave. in the San Fernando Valley. L.A. County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl says the trail has another benefit: It will help capture stormwater that can be reused to recharge aquifers.

"It's a half-mile of native and drought tolerant landscaping. It's got rest areas and walkways for visitor and also for the surrounding neighborhood," Kuehl tells KPCC.

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Curbed, Los Angeles
By Bianca Barragan

The new trail segment, called the Zev Yaroslavsky LA River Greenway Trail, is lined with more than 3,000 native trees and plants, as well as a handmade metal gate at the entrance and metal panels depicting river scenes. The trail will also help “improve the L.A. River’s water quality by naturally capturing runoff.” This trail is part of a large move to close the gaps in the riverside trail for visitors on bike or on foot.

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April, 2016

Community Conservation Solutions sponsors Assembly Bill 2534 by Assemblyman Adrin Nazarian, to Integrate Valley Businesses with Revitalization of the L.A. River in the San Fernando Valley

AB 2534 (Nazarian) would create a working group to focus on integrating local Valley businesses with revitalization of the L.A. River in the San Fernando Valley to build a vibrant, regional visitor experience. This would bring businesses , and civic, environmental and community leaders together to integrate hundreds of visitor-serving Valley businesses close to the L.A. River with the L.A. River Greenway in the San Fernando Valley. The group would address the need for regional public access to the river, and would study how to connect Valley businesses and bicycle networks with the L.A. River.

Click here to view Assembly Bill 2534
Click here for Assembly Member Nazarian's website

March 22, 2016

CCS Board Member Victor Griego Speaks at White House Water Summit

CCS Board Member Victor Griego, founder of Water Education for Latino Leaders (WELL), was invited to the White House Water Summit in April to present WELL’s efforts to educate California’s Latino elected officials about water infrastructure and governance. Mr. Griego is playing a pivotal leadership role to raise awareness of California’s complex water issues.

To view the three-minute presentation at the White House Water Summit, please click the image on the right.

February 19, 2016

CCS Welcomes Two New Board Members

Community Conservation Solutions is very fortunate to have Joel Epstein and Matt Epstein (no relation) on our Board of Directors as we work toward solving California’s water problems with multi-purpose, nature-based solutions to water quality and water supply, and as we advance revitalization work along the L.A. River.

Click here to read more about Matt and Joel

April, 2016

Join Us on the L.A. River! Tree-Planting: May 7th

YOU can help Community Conservation Solutions plant trees along the L.A. River Greenway Trail in Studio City! Join us on Saturday, May 7th from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM on the L.A. River across from 4041 Whitsett Ave. Come prepared to have fun and get a little dirty! Please see below for all event details.

Don’t Forget to Reserve YOUR Legacy on the L.A. River. Engrave your name on a paving tile or native tree today!

Click here to purchase your Paver or Tree TODAY!

For more information on the L.A. River Greenway Trail Project-Click here!

June 11, 2015

$700,000 Bridge Loan Provided by The David and Lucile Packard Foundation
Supports Community Conservation Solutions’ L.A. River Greenway Trail

We are very pleased to announce that The David and Lucile Packard Foundation has provided Community Conservation Solutions a $700,000 Program-Related Investment loan for the L.A. River Greenway Trail Project in Studio City. This generous bridge loan is helping to make possible the creation of public access and restoration of native habitat along the river, and will create the longest continuous stretch of LA River Greenway Trail in the San Fernando Valley.

February 27, 2015

Joint Senate Hearing on Emerging Trends to Finance Stormwater Capture

Senator Bob Hertzberg, Chair, Senate Committee on Governance and Finance, and Senator Fran Pavley, Chair, Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Water convened a panel of experts on Wednesday, Feb. 25 to review emerging trends and innovations in financing local stormwater and dry weather runoff projects.

CCS President Esther Feldman highlighted strategic use of partnerships to create local Proposition 218 fees, supported by metrics-driven approaches like CCS’ prioritization of runoff capture projects on public lands, which integrates water quality, water supply, conservation and community needs to maximize public benefits. She presented CCS' current, innovative work to establish the quantitative links to show how stormwater runoff projects can reduce Greenhouse Gases and help California meet climate action goals – and qualify for cap and trade funding.

Successful passage of SB 985 (Pavley) in 2014, sponsored by CCS, created a statewide requirement for watershed-scale Stormwater Resource Plans in order to be eligible for State funding.

February 21, 2015

CCS President Esther Feldman Leads Panel:
How to Capture Stormwater Funding with Prop. 218?

Where will cities, counties and other local government agencies find new funding to pay for critically-needed stormwater capture projects, since State funding will never be enough?
       Is there a pathway to success using Prop. 218 fees?
              Can permanent new “green” jobs be included?

The Capturing Stormwater Funding through Prop. 218 panel at the 2015 Planning and Conservation League Symposium “Does Land Use Matter?" moderated by CCS President Esther Feldman, included:

  • Jonathan Bishop, Chief Deputy Director, State Water Resources Control Board
  • Dean Misczynski, Fellow, Public Policy Institute of California and retired Director of State Library Research Bureau
  • Dennis Anderson, Director, Financial Engineering Practice, Harris & Associates
  • Alex Esparza, Representative, Laborers’ International Union of North America

The panel discussed how government agencies can create new local funding to pay for critically-needed stormwater capture projects by laying the proper foundation with:

  • early planning, research and collaboration for new stormwater funding
  • developing a Prop. 218 stormwater fee in the most effective way to win voter approval
  • avoiding common mistakes, and how to build a diverse and broad-based coalition of support

Read about CCS' Green Solution Program: helping California advance water sustainability and meet climate action goals.

December 18, 2014

Thank You for a Successful 2014!
We couldn't have done it without you!

Community Conservation Solutions (CCS) had a year of great success and progress. We created statewide change in how California manages water by making smarter use of stormwater, advanced local water sustainability in Los Angeles County and officially launched an innovative Los Angeles River native habitat restoration and trail project in the San Fernando Valley.

To continue our commitment to solving the most complex problems where people and nature intersect, and to make our work in 2015 as successful as in 2014, we need your help.
Donate today by clicking "Donate" in the upper right corner of this page!

Community Conservation Solutions’ leadership and success has been reported by the L.A. Daily News for both our stormwater and dry-weather runoff capture and reuse work and our L.A. River Greenway Trail Project.

Also reporting on CCS’ L.A. River Greenway Project for creating public access and restoring native habitat in an ecosystem-based design were:

Project Highlights

CCS’ Green Solution Program is leading the change in how urban California manages critical water quality and water supply problems on a watershed scale, setting forth a bold strategy for putting to productive use the billions of gallons of urban runoff that flow year-round to our rivers, bays and ocean.

  • Passage of Senate Bill 985 (Pavley), sponsored by CCS. Senator Pavley’s landmark stormwater bill grew out of CCS’ eight years of work developing innovative, “smart” technologies to identify where – and in what order – to capture, clean & reuse runoff. This bill requires a logical, quantitative evaluation process to prioritize stormwater and dry weather runoff capture projects for implementation throughout California.
  • CCS is developing a plan for how to use hundreds of parcels in public ownership in the L.A. River Watershed for “smart” green stormwater and dry weather runoff capture projects. Using plants and soils, these projects will naturally capture, clean and store runoff for reuse while restoring native habitat and creating thousands of acres of new green space in park-poor communities.

CCS’ innovative L.A. River Greenway Trail is the “missing link” that will create the longest continuous stretch of L.A. River trail in the San Fernando Valley, improve water quality in the river and plant over 4,000 native trees, plants and shrubs in an ecosystem-based design.

  • We launched the Zev Yaroslavsky L.A. River Greenway Trail with a ceremonial ribbon-cutting in November, attended by over 160 community members, L.A. River leaders and elected officials, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Colonel Kimberly Colloton, Assemblymember Adrin Nazarian and L.A. City Councilmember Paul Krekorian.
  • Find us on Facebook! Like us on Facebook to stay up to date and learn more about the L.A. River Greenway Trail Project on our new page:

Thank You for Your Support in Helping CCS Create a Sustainable California!
We look forward to continuing our commitment to solving the most complex problems where people and nature intersect, and to making our work in 2015 as successful as in 2014.

City of L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti signs water conservation executive directive, endorsed by CCS.

Esther Feldman, President of CCS endorses the City's bold action for local water sustainability.

CCS Endorses Water Conservation in City of L.A.

Community Conservation Solutions endorsed L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti's call to action on October 14, 2014 for water conservation in the city of L.A.  CCS’ work to transform urban runoff into a new source of usable water will play a key role in helping the city reach its goal of a 50% reduction of imported water.
Read more about CCS’ Green Solution.

“Our relationship with water must revolve,” the mayor said. “We cannot afford the water policies of the past. We must conserve, recycle and rethink how we use our water to save money and make sure that we have enough water to keep L.A. growing.”

L.A. Daily News
Channel 4 News Coverage
Fox 11 LA KTTC


Dry-weather runoff: A new source of water for drought-stricken California?
By Steve Scauzillo, Los Angeles News Group

CCS' Green Solution work shines a spotlight on the "Cinderella" of water supply

"Community Conservation Solutions... helped contribute to a sea change in state water policy."

Community Conservation Solutions’ innovative, ‘Green Solution’ approach to capturing and re-using runoff to create local water sustainability spotlights the “Cinderella” of water supply: dry weather runoff. Developed over eight years, CCS’ Green Solution uses “smart” parks and habitat to capture, store and re-use this important source of water. As this eye-opening LA Daily News article points out, “even without rainfall, the….storm drains of Los Angeles County pulse with….enough water to supply 668,000 typical Southern California homes in a year”. The article describes State Senator Fran Pavley’s and Governor Brown’s recent actions to help California take advantage of this over-looked water source.

October 2, 2014

Making Every Drop Count:
Governor Brown Approves Smart Use of Stormwater Runoff

Join CCS in Celebrating a Big Step Forward for
Creating a Sustainable Water Future for California!

Last Thursday, Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 985 (Pavley) into law, setting California on a new path to make every drop count by capturing and reusing the precious stormwater and dry weather runoff that we currently waste. This is a big step forward for “smart” green solutions to our state’s water challenges.

This landmark stormwater bill grew out of Community Conservation Solutions’ eight years of work developing new technologies to identify where – and in what order - to capture and reuse runoff. We are deeply grateful to all of you for supporting us along the way, and to Senator Fran Pavley’s vision in authoring SB 985.
Read about CCS' Green Solution.

SB 985 creates new requirements and incentives for public agencies to build stormwater capture projects that provide many public benefits, including increasing California’s local water supplies. Passage of SB 985 was made possible by CCS’s pioneering work to demonstrate the feasibility of using stormwater more efficiently.

Read Senator Pavley's Press Release on SB 985.

Thank you to our Water Sustainability Leaders Dinner & Dialogue attendees!
With over 40 of the region’s most important leaders in the area of water infrastructure in attendance, including LA Sanitation's Enrique Zaldivar and Adel Hagekhalil, President Kevin James and Commissioner Barbara Romero of the Los Angeles Board of Public Works, Rick Cole, Deputy Mayor for Budget and Innovation, Matt Petersen, the City’s Chief Sustainability Officer and Greg Good, the City’s Director of Infrastructure, your participation helped make this event a resounding success.

View photos from the event.

October 2014

Please Join Community Conservation Solutions

WHAT:    Groundbreaking for the Zev Yaroslavsky L.A. River Greenway Trail
WHEN:    November 1st, 2014 at 11:00 am on the River, across from Studio City Fire Station #78

Please join Community Conservation Solutions in honoring our good friend, L.A. County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky, for his dedication to transforming the L.A. River in the Valley. Please find event details below or view our flier online.

The Zev Yaroslavsky
Los Angeles River Greenway Trail

Creating Public Access & Restoring Native Habitat
Coldwater Canyon to Whitsett Avenue

WHEN:      Saturday, November 1st, 2014 at 11:00 am

WHERE:   On the L.A. River across from Studio City Fire Station #78
               4041 Whisett Avenue, Studio City, CA 91604

RSVP by October 24th at
(310) 398-8584 x4 or

To Learn more about the L.A. River Greenway Trail and habitat Restoration Project, please visit

July 2014

Dinner & Dialogue
on the future of L.A.'s stormwater and
water sustainability projects

• By Invitation Only

CCS is hosting an Exclusive Evening of Conversation with
L.A.'s Water Sustainability Leaders and

Enrique Zaldivar, Director
Adel Hagekhalil, Assistant Director

LA Sanitation

and Special Guests


Rick Cole, L.A. Deputy Mayor for Budget & Innovation
Matt Petersen, L.A. Chief Sustainability Officer
Kevin James, President, L.A. Board of Public Works
Barbara Romero, L.A. Board of Public Works

City of Los Angeles

October 2, 2014
City Club Los Angeles

Click here for the event website.


Carollo Engineers
Greenberg Traurig
Construction Industry Coalition on Water Quality
Daniel Company
Griffith Company
Harris & Associates
Kennedy/Jenks Consultants
MARRS Services
Mia Lehrer + Associates
Nasa Services
NBC Universal
Perkins and Will
Potential Industries, Inc.
RMC Water and Environment
Southern California Partnership for Jobs
The Southern California Water Committee

June 2014

CCS Receives $550,000 to
Advance Local Water Sustainability
in Upper L.A. River Watershed
with Stormwater & Dry Weather Runoff

LA County: 334,200 acre-feet/year in dry weather alone

Finding Water Even During Drought Years
Community Conservation Solutions’ Green Solution (read more here) sets forth a practical strategy for putting to use the billions of gallons of runoff that flow year-round to our rivers, bays and ocean.  

Creating "Smart" Green Space to Capture & Use Runnoff
The $550,000 grants to CCS are jointly funded by the State Coastal Conservancy and Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, who are dedicated to transforming our runoff problems into a source of clean, usable water through creating “smart” habitat and parks that naturally filter, clean and store runoff.

WHERE to do stormwater projects –

      Maximizing public benefits:
           Water Quality, Water Supply, Environment,
           Communities, Energy

CCS will build on our prior metrics-driven Green Solution studies in the L.A. River Watershed (read more), which prioritized nearly 300 stormwater capture projects for implementation using an ecosystem-based approach – projects that can clean the highest volumes of runoff, restore or create native habitat, and create new green space in communities with the greatest needs.

The new Green Solution grants will allow CCS to:
Quantify regional water supply benefits these stormwater capture projects can provide through storage, irrigation or groundwater recharge
Quantify Greenhouse Gas emission reduction benefits
Integrate water supply, water quality, energy, environmental and community benefits
Prioritize over 400 projects for implementation
Advance metrics-driven tool on a watershed scale using geospatial analysis and a matrix of conservation and community data
Learn more here!

June 2014

CCS Co-sponsors Planning & Conservation League/SCAG Stormwater Meeting
Practical Steps for Local Water Self-Reliance

CCS helped sponsor the Southern California Association of Governments and Planning and Conservation League Southern California Stormwater Meeting, held June 13, 2014 to explore cutting-edge strategies for overcoming the biggest challenges to stormwater capture in the southland.

Keynote speakers Congresswoman Grace Napolitano and State Water Board Vice-Chair Fran Spivy-Weber both emphasized the need to develop local water self-reliance, identify the most effective placement of stormwater catchment projects, and collaborate to develop local finance options. Hear their remarks:
Congresswoman Grace Napolitano and
State Water Board Vice-Chair Fran Spivy-Weber:

Leading the way to a sustainable water future.

To see the rest of the thought-provoking discussions at the PCL/SCAG Stormwater Meeting:

  • Regulatory/Permitting
  • Successes & Challenges in Stormwater Capture
  • Funding Strategies

  • May 2014

    Community Enthusiastically Supports CCS' L.A. River Greenway Project!

    Creating Public Access:
    Connect trail segments to create over 5 miles of L.A. River trail
    Restoring Native Habitat:
    Plant over 4,000 native trees, shrubs & plants

    On Tuesday, May 13 Community Conservation Solutions presented the L.A. River Greenway Project to an enthusiastic audience of over 70 residents, conservation and civic leaders, school representatives and local elected officials representatives.

    Creating Public Access
    CCS’ L.A. River Greenway Project in Studio City will “bridge the gap,” connecting segments of the existing river trail to create over three miles of continuous trail in the San Fernando Valley, and will restore native habitat in an ecosystem design, setting a new standard for restoration along the LA River.

    Restoring Native Habitat
    Meeting attendees were very supportive and excited about this project to transform this piece of the L.A. River.

    Planting over 4,000 native trees, plants and shrubs to attract a diversity of native birds, butterflies and other wildlife

    Telling the River’s story through artistic visual elements at the entry gate and along the “river story” fence

    Self-guided nature trail, native habitat walk & river-viewing area

    State-of-the-art water quality bioswale to capture and clean runoff before it reaches the L.A. River

    Leave YOUR Living Legacy on the L.A. River!

    Click to view naming opportunities and contact us to have your family or company become part of the river's living legacy!

    CCS would like to give a BIG THANK YOU to the Studio City Residents Association for hosting the meeting, and to our Project Design Team: Mia Lehrer + Associates, VCA Engineers Inc., Land IQ, Owen Gabbert Designs and North East Trees.

    February 2014

    Announcing GREEN SOLUTION, Phase III Report:
    Upper L.A. River Watershed

    Transforming Runoff into New Water Source in Upper L.A. River Watershed

    Where to Create Stormwater Capture Projects to Get the Highest Water, Land and
    Community Benefits?

    WHERE to implement runoff capture projects?


    Click Here for Full Report

    October 10, 2013

    CCS Co-Sponsors National
    One Water Leadership Summit

    Community Conservation Solutions presented our Green Solution "road-map" for transforming our water pollution problem into a sustainable source of clean, usable water at the One Water Leadership Summit - a conference focused on driving the notion of water as an integrating strategy for the urban environment. Held in Los Angeles at the end of September, the Summit attracted over 250 of the nations' leaders in water sustainability.

    Said L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti in his opening remarks: "We must become a city in which every drop counts, and that counts every drop." Read more in The Planning Report here.

    Community Conservation Solutions sponsored the One Water City Hall Rotunda Reception, and was honored to introduce Enrique Zaldivar, Director of the L.A. Bureau of Sanitation, providing the opportunity to highlight the strong and innovative leadership of the Bureau, which has led to great accomplishments in Los Angeles.

    From strategies such as CCS' Green Solution for water pollution, water supply and land conservation problems to those that focus on water quality trading or the Water-Electric utilities nexus, national leaders discussed opportunities that serve the triple bottom line - environmental, economic, and social goals toward water sustainability.

    Thank you to: the L.A. Bureau of Sanitation, the Honorable L.A. City Mayor Garcetti, and the U.S. Water Alliance, for bringing together experts from across the country to advance the national discourse on water management and conservation.

    Community Conservation Solutions looks forward to building on the momentum from the One Water Leadership Summit to further the goals of water sustainability in Los Angeles.

    September 19, 2013

    CCS and Over 50 Environmental Leaders Welcome Rick Cole, L.A. Deputy Mayor for Budget & Innovation and Team to Los Angeles

    Click here for event photo album.

    Rick Cole_CCS Green Solution_Shovel
    CCS President Esther Feldman presents L.A. Deputy Mayor Cole with ‘CCS Green Solution Shovel’ for the many groundbreaking projects to come

    Learn about CCS’ innovative Green Solution & L.A. River Greenway Project

    Community Conservation Solutions hosted a reception for the incoming Los Angeles sustainability team at the home of David Abel and Brenda Levin with over 50 environmental leaders from the region. L.A. Deputy Mayor Rick Cole was joined by Matt Petersen, L.A. Chief Sustainability Officer and Ted Bardacke, Deputy Sustainability Officer.

    Visit The Planning Report to read more on Deputy Mayor Rick Cole

    Deputy Mayor Cole Calls for Creative and Radical Solutions
    L.A. Deputy Mayor Cole addressed the gathering of environmental leaders stressing the need for creative – and even radical – solutions that thoroughly address urban challenges while providing the opportunity for Los Angeles to learn how to lead through a balanced environmental, economic, and equity-based approach.

    Clockwise from top left: 1) David Abel - Abel & Associates, Ted Bardacke - L.A. Deputy Sustainability Officer, Enrique Zaldivar - L.A. Bureau of Sanitation; 2) L.A. Deputy Mayor Rick Cole, Esther Feldman - CCS President, Daniel Tellalian - L.A. River Revitalization Corporation, Monica Carlos - L.A. Neighborhood Initiative; 3) L.A. Deputy Mayor Rick Cole and Chief Sustainability Officer Matt Petersen


    Rick Cole_Group
    Left to right: Omar Brownson - L.A. River Revitalization Corp., Adi Liberman - Environmental Outreach Strategies, Kate Williams - California Water Foundation, David Beckman - Pisces Foundation, Esther Feldman - CCS President

    About Our Good Friend & Colleague: Rick Cole 
    Cole’s “intense focus on the details that add up to a vital city” was cited in Governing Magazine when named one of nine 2006 Public Officials of the Year.

    As the top budget advisor for Mayor Eric Garcetti and the City of Los Angeles, Rick Cole enters his position with a reputation of professionalism and integrity, known for his commitment to tracking progress and demanding accountability.  

    Called “one of Southern California’s most visionary planning thinkers" by the Los Angeles Times.

    A strong advocate for smart growth strategies, civic engagement, and a balanced budget, Cole is widely respected for his leadership, high standards, and insightful, disciplined focus.


    CCS to Speak at National One Water Leadership Summit on Green Solutions to Water Quality & Supply Problems
    September 23-26, 2013

    For more information, go to U.S. Water Alliance or
    the CCS Green Solution Project Webpage

    Community Conservation Solutions is proud to be co-sponsoring the One Water Leadership Summit and will lead a Strategic Discussion on the quantitative, ecosystem-based Green Solution, which provides decision-makers a prioritized “road map” to know where – and in what order – to implement green stormwater capture projects to maximize water and public benefits.

    About the One Water Leadership Summit
    Hosted by: U.S. Water Alliance
    Goal: Unite people and policies for “one water” sustainability, advancing holistic, watershed-based approaches to water quality and quantity challenges.

    Integrated water management takes many shapes, seasons, and strategies to succeed,” Ben Grumbles, President of the U.S. Water Alliance explains, “yet, every smart water manager says it's worth the journey.

    CCS’ Green Solution to Water Problems:
    Prioritized “road map” for project implementation

    Transform water pollution problem into valuable asset

    Prioritized “road map” showing where – and in what order – to build “smart” stormwater capture projects

    Convert public lands to “smart” parks, habitat and open space

    CCS’ Green Solution Key Findings
    In the Santa Monica Bay and Upper L.A. River Watersheds (L.A. County), on 25% of suitable public lands, CCS identified:

    480 high-priority project sites on existing public vacant, school, college lands

    Runoff from up to 40 square miles would be captured, naturally filtered, and stored

    Over 2,000 acres of new parks, habitat and open space would be created

    For more information on CCS’ Green Solution

    For more on the U.S. Water Alliance and "One Water Leadership Summit," visit

    Rose Foundation Grant to CCS for
    ‘Green Solutions’ in Sonoma County

    Integrated and Sustainable Solutions to
    Sonoma County’s Water Problems

    The Rose Foundation has awarded Community Conservation Solutions (CCS) a grant to develop an ecosystem-based ‘Green Solution’ approach to address Sonoma County’s challenging problems with polluted runoff, shrinking water supplies, degraded wetlands habitat and endangered fish species. We will focus on creating “smart” habitat, parks and open space to naturally capture, clean and store stormwater runoff for re-use.

    Integrated Tool to Create ‘Smart’ Habitat and Open Space

    Long-term Water Sustainability

    Protect Habitat, Open Space and Agricultural Lands

    Our Partners
    CCS will be working in partnership with the Sonoma County Water Agency, the Sonoma Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District, the Sonoma Land Trust, and other regional leaders.

    About Solving Sonoma County’s Water Problems
    Sonoma County’s water quality and water supply problems are intertwined, and successfully solving them requires an integrated, metrics-driven approach. Community Conservation Solutions’ quantified Green Solution tool helps decision-makers know where to create new, “smart” open space that use soils, plants and natural processes to capture, filter and clean polluted runoff.

    For more information on CCS’ innovative, quantified Green Solution Project, go to
    or contact us at

    L. A. River Greenway Trail Grant Award

    We are proud to pass on this recent KCET feature on the recent award of $1.1 million to CCS to bridge a critical gap in the L.A. River Trail, create public access along a closed section of the L.A. River, and restore native habitat by planting 4,000 trees and plants. This section of the L.A. River is adjacent to the proposed L.A. River Natural Park site, which would preserve the last remaining unprotected open space along the river for 22 miles.

    Click here to read more about the project from KCET, the nation’s largest independent public television station

    CCS’ leadership helps us tackle the most complex and challenging problems created when people and nature intersect. Using cutting-edge technological approaches, CCS is working to improve water quality and supplies, restore habitat and preserve open space.

    Click to read more about the L.A. River Greenway Trail and Habitat Restoration

    Click to read more about our visionary plan for the L.A. River Natural park in the San Fenando Valley

    State Awards CCS $751,000 to Extend the L.A. River Trail and Create Public Access

    CCS Celebrates Grant Award: Secretary of Resources John Laird, Deputy Assistant,CCS President Esther Feldman and Secretary Bryan Cash celebrate River Parkways grant awards

    We are happy to announce that Community Conservation Solutions has been awarded $751,000 from the CA Natural Resources Agency to extend the L.A. River trail and create public access along a closed section of the L.A. River next to the proposed L.A. River Natural Park site in the San Fernando Valley.

    Site Concept Plan



    2554 Lincoln Boulevard, Suite 223
    Los Angeles, CA 90291, USA
    © Community Conservation Solutions
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