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CCS’s Exciting Green Solution Project findings overturn conventional assumptions about the limited role of green approaches in naturally cleaning up polluted runoff.

CCS’s Green Solution Project:

  • found nearly 20,000 acres of existing public lands in L.A. County that are suitable for strategic conversion to "smart" green spaces.
  • can help LA County meet nearly 50% of the county’s runoff clean-up needs.
  • is a major paradigm shift in how we clean up polluted runoff on a regional watershed scale.
  • is being applied in Southern California & the San Francisco Bay Area.




Download CCS’ Green Solution Project Report

Executive Summary and Key Maps

Technical Report



Downloadable Maps: Green Solution Opportunity Public Parcels, L.A. County


Green Solution Project: Alameda County
CCS is applying its strategic Green Solution technology in Alameda County, integrating data on a regional scale to identify existing public lands that can be unpaved and converted to green open space to help clean up polluted runoff that contaminates all of San Francisco Bay.


Polluted Waters and Drain Outlets of L.A. County

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