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CCS’ Green Solution Project
Transforming our Runoff Problem
into a Sustainable Soiurce of Clean, Usable Water

Alameda County, Phase I




Downloadable CCS’ Green Solution Project
Alameda County, Phase I

Downloadable Executive Summary and Key Maps

Downloadable Technical Report

Downloadable Appendices

Maps and Example Concept Site Designs

CCS’ Innovative Road Map to Improve Water Quality in Alameda County:

  • Quantified, prioritized approach to naturally clean polluted runoff
  • Cutting-edge digital technology
  • Evaluate existing public lands for conversion
  • Create network of new "smart" parks, habitat and green open space lands
  • Integrates water quality, conservation and community needs
  • Help public agencies meet polluted runoff clean-up goals

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Green Solution Project:

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Green Solution Projects improve water quality by using soil and plants to capture, filter and clean polluted runoff, while creating new “smart” parks, natural habitat, recreation and green open space

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