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Transforming Our Runoff Problem
into a Sustainable Source of Clean, Usable Water

Capturing Stormwater and Dry Weather Runoff:
Creating New Water Supplies & Reducing Greenhouse Gases

      WHERE to do Stormwater Capture Projects?
and IN WHAT ORDER to Maximize Public Benefits?


Community Conservation Solutions ‘ Green Solution study in the Upper L.A. River Watershed (Phase IV) builds on CCS’ prior Green Solution Studies, and will:

  • Quantify water supply, energy savings and greenhouse gas reduction of capturing stormwater on a watershed scale
  • Create metrics-driven “road map” so decision-makers know where to implement projects
  • Prioritize 500 public parcels for stormwater capture projects
  • Establish the quantitative links to qualify stormwater runoff projects for climate change funding
  • Integrate water quality, water supply, air quality, community and conservation needs

Using soils, plants and natural processes, these “smart” parks and open space capture, filter, clean and store polluted runoff for reuse while restoring native habitat and creating thousands of acres of new or improved green space in park-poor communities.

stormwater pipe
subsurface catchment
Marsh Park

Supporting California's Climate Action Goals
CCS is coordinating with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) who is responsible for implementing California's initiatives to address climate change and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as outlined in Assembly Bill 32. CCS’ Green Solution Project- Upper L.A. River Watershed, Phase IV will quantify energy savings and greenhouse gas reduction potential for identified runoff capture and reuse projects.

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Project Funders



VistaHermosaCreating Long-term Water Sustainability
Community Conservation Solutions' Green Solution Project does this by identifying opportunities to use public lands to capture and reuse stormwater and dry weather runoff, transforming billions of gallons of stormwater and dry weather runoff that are currently wasted to create critically-needed new water supplies and recharge groundwater.

These stormwater capture and reuse projects can provide the greatest possible public benefits in the Upper L.A. River Watershed, including:

  • water quality improvement
  • new, local water supply
  • energy savings & greenhouse gas reductions
  • habitat restoration, open space and community benefits

Reducing Greenhouse Gases
CCS’ Green Solution Project-Upper L.A. River Watershed, Phase IV analysis will quantify the energy savings and the greenhouse gas emission reductions associated with stormwater & dry weather runoff capture and reuse projects.

Project Team
CCS’ Green Solution Project Team draws from a broad range of expertise integrating engineering, science, technology, planning and policy, geographic information systems, water resource planning, energy and climate analysis.

Project Management & Analysis 
Community Conservation Solutions

Geospatial Analysis
GreenInfo Network
Environmental Science Associates

Hydrology Engineering
CH2M Hill Engineers, Inc.
Environmental Science Associates
VS2 Consulting Inc.
Climate Change Analysis

Gov. BrownBill Sponsored by CCS Signed by Governor Brown Approves Smart Use of Stormwater Runoff
In September 2014, Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 985 (Pavley) into law, setting California on a new path to make every drop count by capturing and reusing the precious stormwater and dry weather runoff that we currently waste. The landmark stormwater bill grew out of Community Conservation Solutions’ years of work developing new technologies to identify where – and in what order - to capture and reuse runoff. CCS is grateful to Senator Fran Pavley for her vision in authoring SB 985.
Read Senator Pavley’s Press Release on SB 985.

Finding Water Even in Times of Drought
Even in dry weather, billions of gallons of runoff flow daily throughout California to our rivers, bays and ocean. In Los Angeles County, dry weather runoff alone produces 370,000 acre-feet each year. When it rains, the volume of stormwater increases exponentially, presenting an even greater opportunity for runoff capture and re-use. We have a tremendously outdated and inefficient water system, in which we spend billions of dollars and produce high tonnages of greenhouse gases to move potable water over very long distances, while at the same time disposing of billions of gallons of stormwater and dry weather runoff by sending it to our creeks, rivers, bays and ocean as quickly as possible. DailyNews

The Green Solution focuses on stopping this waste of stormwater and dry weather runoff, particularly in urban areas, and on transforming the problem of polluted runoff into an invaluable resource of sustainable, clean water.
Read about CCS’ work in the LA Daily News:
“Dry-weather runoff: A new source of water
for drought-stricken California?”

The drought makes even more urgent the pressing need to maximize the “repurposing” of stormwater runoff to develop new local and regional. In Los Angeles, 90% of the city’s potable water is imported for both drinking water and irrigation purposes, and only 1% of the city’s water comes from recycled sources.

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