The Problem
Development of 200 condominiums and six four-story buildings is proposed for the last remaining unprotected open space along the L.A. River in the San Fernando Valley, which would remove the only river-front site in the Valley with capacity to provide critical regional public access to the L.A. River.

CCS’ Solution
A showcase river project that integrates natural water quality improvements with regional public access to the L.A. River, creates an L.A. River Gateway and an L.A. River Parking & Bicycle Hub and extends the L.A. River Trail. The L.A. River Natural Park will clean polluted urban runoff and provide easy access to the river for people from throughout the region.

The L.A. River Natural Park project site includes:
16 acres of L.A. riverfront land
Adjacent 391-space public parking garage
L.A. River Trail improvements

About the Problem
This 16 acres is the only remaining open space for 22 miles along the Los Angeles River in the San Fernando Valley, and is a critical link in the 51-mile network of trails, parks and natural lands designed to connect communities along the length of the river. The dense urban development proposed for this site – nine four-story buildings - would prevent use of the site for badly-needed regional public access to the L.A. River, prevent critical water quality improvements, and increase traffic.

Public open space is already in short supply in the densely-populated valley, where park acreage is far below national averages. And with regional efforts increasingly focused on solving water pollution problems in our rivers and ocean by using plants and soils to naturally capture and clean urban runoff, we can’t afford to pave over existing undeveloped open space.

Polluted runoff from the surrounding urban area flows untreated directly into the L.A. River, and storms frequently cause flooding and other problems.

Privately-owned and located in Studio City, the property is used as the Weddington Golf & Tennis Facility. These recreational uses are compatible with the L.A. River Natural Park’s proposed public open space, river-front park, trails, staging areas, and water quality improvement.

About CCS' L.A. River Natural Park Solution
CCS has developed a far-reaching vision for this unique property and the adjacent public parking garage and L.A. River Trail. With the assistance of a team of hydrology engineers and landscape architects, and with funding from the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy and Save L.A. River Open Space, we’ve conducted Technical Feasibility Studies to analyze the key components of the proposed L.A. River Natural Park.

We are continuing to work with elected officials, state, regional and city public agencies, nonprofit organizations, and community stakeholders to make sure this important open space doesn’t disappear.

Cleaning Up Polluted Water in the L.A. River
The site has tremendous potential to become a natural water quality treatment area for filtering and cleaning urban and stormwater runoff before it flows into the Los Angeles River. The size of this property makes it a high-priority candidate for a multi-benefit project that combines open space and recreation with urban runoff catchment and filtration to capture and control pollutants that contaminate the river, the county’s beaches and coastal waters. These types of ‘green solution’ projects are a high priority for the L.A. Regional Water Quality Control Board for addressing the many serious impacts polluted waters have on human health and aquatic life.

L.A. River Natural Park
Public Access Concept Plan

Click here to learn more about the L.A. River Natural Park Proposed Regional Public Access Components

L.A. River Natural Park: L.A. River Regional Public Access Components Concept Plan.
Developed by Mia Lehrer + Associates

L.A. River Natural Park
Water Quality Improvement Concept Plan

Click here to learn more about the L.A. River Natural Park Proposed Water Quality Improvement Components

L.A. River Natural Park: Water Quality ImprovementComponents Concept Plan.
Developed by PSOMAS

Linking to Regional Bicycle Networks and Helping Improve Air Quality

The development of the L.A. River Natural Park as a regional access point to the L.A. River - and as a hub that links river trails, public transit, bicycle networks, commercial areas, schools and other visitor destinations to the L.A. River - will further local and state efforts to promote alternative forms of movement and build healthy communities. The L.A. River Natural Park will contribute to implementing the City of Los Angeles L.A. River Revitalization Master Plan, regional transportation alternative plans, and the Los Angeles City 2010 Bicycle Plan. By re-purposing the public garage as a regional bicycle hub and staging site, the project will encourage bicycle use and will help the City of Los Angeles meet state-mandated air quality improvement and sustainability goals.

Click here to learn more about the L.A. River Natural Park and Regional Bicycle Network

L.A. River Natural Park
San Fernanado Valley Map



Project Funders and Project Team:

Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy



Public access to the L.A. River Greenway trail is threatened

Illustration of L.A. River Natural Park


Click here to download CCS' L.A. River Natural Park Technical Feasibility Studies Report

Executive Summary


Hydrology, Hydraulics and Water Qality Feasibility Study

L.A. River Regional Public Access Feasibility Study


Click here to download CCS' L.A River Nautral Park Vision & Concept Design Report





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