Natural Park at Ramona Gardens Housing Development


Community Driven Design:

Recycle Stormwater  •  Create Green Open Space  •  Improve Air Quality  •  Restore Native Habitat

Combining ecosystem science, engineering and community priorities, the Natural Park will plant native trees and plants to transform land between Ramona Gardens and a 15-lane freeway and transit corridor into a beautiful ‘Nature in the City’ park. Community Conservation Solutions is working in partnership with the Ramona Gardens community, Legacy LA and a talented project team. Click here to see a project summary. 

Partnering with Nature

Improving Air Quality and Public Health in a Heavily-Polluted Community

The innovative Big Nature approach will restore a natural environment to reduce air and noise pollution, recycle urban runoff, build resiliency to climate change, create a walking trail and provide an attractive green open space for children and families in Ramona Gardens, one of the most disadvantaged and polluted communities in California.

CCUS701_Final Sound Section Wall_CCS

Air Pollutants from
15 Lane Freeway Corridor

Uptakes air pollutants
Reduces greenhouse gases
Provides shade
Recycles urban runoff 

Ramona Gardens
Housing Development

Reflecting Community Priorities 

The Natural Park concept plan reflects community needs, identified through door-to-door outreach, surveys, community workshops and stakeholder meetings conducted in partnership with Legacy LA, the Ramona Gardens Residents Advisory Council and Legacy LA’s Youth and Resident Leaders from Ramona Gardens. Click here to learn more about Legacy LA.



Project Team and Partners


Natural Park Project Site

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The Natural Park project is in the Northern Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles, on four acres of underused land between residences and a 15-lane freeway and transit corridor. The site includes two large storm drains and is a priority Green Solutions project.