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What We Do

Community Conservation Solutions (CCS) implements park, stormwater and natural open space projects by working across multiple sectors and disciplines to improve and protect our water, air, land and natural and human communities. We work in a team approach and prioritize engaging with the communities where we work to develop each project.

We Make Things Happen

CCS tailors our diverse range of skills, expertise and experience for each project’s specific needs and brings together talented teams of experts to:

  • Integrate science, technology and planning
  • Sustain multi-year projects
  • Conduct technical analysis
  • Coordinate with public agencies and elected officials
  • Build diverse community-based coalitions
  • Ensure political viability

Expertise and Services

  • Park, trails, open space planning and design
  • Native habitat restoration
  • Project direction and management
  • Green stormwater infrastructure planning
  • Technical, engineering and biological analyses
  • Community engagement and collaboration
  • Leveraging public and private funding
  • Regional and state policy development
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